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 Application Form?

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Application Form? Empty
PostSubject: Application Form?   Application Form? Icon_minitimeFri Apr 04, 2008 10:58 am

hey everybody!
glad i'm back!
here's the application thingie...
duh...(copy this to your application form!)↓
♥ Name:
♥ Age:
♥ Traits: (example: you have widow's peak)
♥; Personality: (example: you're evil)
(do not copy this to your applcation form)↓
well that's it!
I don't need any more stupid things about you!
I will give you your secial ability based on you traits and personality!
The administrator do not have the right to give a negative comment about this!
(copy this too!)↓
Administrator/Gakuen Alice Moderator: NOT YET APPROVED
Head Moderator/xXxHoLiC Moderator: NOT YET APPROVED
ParaKiss Moderator: NOT YET APPROVED

Let's Get This Party Started Now!

The Seven Deadly Sins...

1. Greed...

2. Gluttony...

3. Lust...

4. Wrath...

5. Sloth...

6. Envy...

7. Pride...

he he he he!
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Application Form?
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